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DOCTIA™ Prostate Health Herbal Capsules (Doctor Recommended)

DOCTIA™ Prostate Health Herbal Capsules (Doctor Recommended)

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DOCTIA™ Prostate Health Herbal Capsules (Doctor Recommended)

DOCTIA™ Prostate Health Herbal Capsules (Doctor Recommended)

Regular price $23.95
Regular price $23.95 Sale price $39.98
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Approximately 83% of European men aged 45 and above grapple with prostate health challenges.Prostate problems can lead to sleep disturbances, frequent urination and reduced quality of life. It can make you look depressed on the surface.

Understanding Prostate Issues: Causes and Prevention


Prostate issues in men result from factors like aging, lifestyle, and sexual activity. The prostate, vital for reproduction, sits below the bladder. Age is a key risk factor, causing symptoms like frequent urination and weak flow. It can lead to conditions like prostatitis, sexual problems, and prostate cancer. Hormonal imbalances and genetics may contribute. Infections or inflammation can also be causes.

Do you suffer from prostate problems? Be it prostate cancer, prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate stones, difficult and painful urination, urinary incontinence, painful urination, abdominal pain and a constant feeling of full bladder. However, our innovative Prostate Herbal Capsules will be your first weapon in maintaining prostate health. Continue to use prostate Chinese herbal capsule products to fundamentally protect the health of the prostate and the health of the whole body! Improve the combat effectiveness of men!

My enlarged prostate issue has returned to normal, and I feel significantly lighter in my body!"

As an older man with prostate problems, I sincerely recommend using Natural Herbal Prostate Capsules. In February of this year, I was diagnosed with enlarged prostate after consulting a doctor and started using this product. Since then, I have clearly felt a significant improvement in my overall health. My prostate condition has improved significantly, and my daily urination is comfortable and pain-free. This proven solution has definitely had a positive impact on my quality of life.

"My prostate cancer turned better, what an amazing herbal capsule!"

This question bothers me a lot due to my prostate cancer issues. I went to the hospital to consult a doctor and took a CT scan. However, with continuous use of Prostate Herbal Capsules when I had this prostate cancer problem, I noticed positive changes in my body. Every month I go back to the hospital to take CT scans. It has been getting better every month for several months, and now it is completely healed. Now, my urination is completely back to normal and I don't feel any pain or discomfort anymore. More importantly, I'm glad I no longer have to constantly get up at night to pee. It can be said that the freedom of life has returned to me! I am very happy with these results and have a positive attitude again.

DOCTIA + Prostate Herbal Capsules: Elevate Your Prostate Health and Reclaim Your Vitality!

Unlock the secret to prostate vitality with Prostate Herbal Capsules. We utilize an advanced formula that includes ingredients like Morinda officinalis, isoflavones, Morinda officinalis polysaccharide, Morinda sterol, nuciferin, and red ginsenoside Rg3. These components are associated with improving overall prostate health, alleviating prostate hyperplasia, reducing urinary frequency, relieving abdominal pain, clearing prostate stones, mitigating prostate cancer, and promoting healthy urinary function. We spare no effort in enhancing your health level.

 Regain control and confidence! Prostate Herbal Capsules strengthen your prostate and bladder, eliminating sexual dysfunction and embarrassing urine leakage. We have carefully selected 100% natural ingredients to harness the power of nature to free those in trouble to perform activities without worry.

Choose Prostate Herbal Capsules and say goodbye to prostate problems. It selects natural ingredients to effectively enhance the function of the prostate gland and also provide you with comfortable urine control. Stop letting prostate problems get in the way of your life and enjoy some free time!

Nature’s Prostate Herbs: The Key Ingredients

Morinda officinalis: also known as Ba Ji Tian, is an herbaceous plant rich in flavonoid compounds. These compounds, including Morinda flavonoids and Iridoid flavonoids, have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects that play a significant role in maintaining prostate health. They help neutralize free radicals, reduce oxidative stress damage to the prostate, and alleviate symptoms such as prostatitis, prostate stones, prostate cancer, frequent urination, and urgency caused by inflammation.

Additionally, Morinda officinalis contains polysaccharides that contribute to prostate health. These polysaccharides regulate immune function, enhance immunity, and improve the body's ability to fight inflammation. Prostate issues are often related to immune dysfunction and imbalanced inflammatory responses, but the polysaccharides in Morinda officinalis can help improve immune status and reduce inflammation-related damage to the prostate. Overall, products containing Morinda officinalis can assist in maintaining prostate health and improving quality of life.

 Radix Astragali Astragalus is rich in polysaccharides, which have antioxidant and immunomodulatory effects, and may help reduce prostatic inflammation and improve immune function. Nuciferin, one of the main active ingredients in astragalus, is said to have antineoplastic, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce the development of prostate tumors.

Ginseng Contains mainly ginsenosides, a class of compounds with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immunomodulatory effects. Red ginsenoside Rg3 is a specific type of ginsenoside. They have been shown to have antitumor and anti-inflammatory properties and are thought to be beneficial in the treatment and prevention of prostate cancer, helping to reduce inflammation of the prostate and promote the health of prostate cells.

Angelica, Cornus officinalis, Amomum officinalis, and Toosendan: all have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation in the prostate and protect prostate tissue. They also improve circulation, boost blood supply, and help flush out metabolites and toxins.

What Makes Prostate Herbal Capsules The Best Choice?

       ✅ Reduces frequent urination

       ✅ Improves blood circulation

       ✅ Strengthens bladder

       ✅ Decreases sexual dysfunction

       ✅ Targets specific prostate issues such as enlarged prostate and prostatitis

       ✅ Helps reduce inflammation and pain associated with prostate issues

       ✅ Helps treat prostate cancer and prostate stones

Clinically Proven And Tested By Experts

 Prostate health begins with meticulous care! We are proud to present Prostate Herbal Capsules, the highly recommended prostate product by Dr. Roberts, MD.

As an outstanding representative in the field of urology, Dr. Roberts has received notable achievements and recognition for his groundbreaking research in prostate health, including the prestigious Award for Excellence in Urological Surgery.

Clinical studies published in urology journals have provided undeniable scientific evidence of the significant benefits of Prostate Herbal Capsules in relieving prostate discomfort and supporting overall prostate health.

Dr. Roberts is an esteemed member of the American Urological Association (AUA) and International Society of Urology (ISU), reaffirming his commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements in this field. Trust in the expert recommendation of Prostate Herbal Capsules to provide you with the highest standard of prostate care and experience remarkable benefits for your well-being!


More Customers Rave About Prostate Herbal Capsules

Joe's Prostate Rescue: Triumph over Prostatitis!

“As a middle-aged man, I found myself battling constant discomfort due to an annoying condition called prostatitis. Sleepless nights, frequent trips to the bathroom, and a dwindling sex life had become my sad reality. Desperate for relief, I stumbled upon DOCTIA capsules.”

Week 2: “After just 2 weeks of faithfully using it, I experienced a remarkable change. The incessant urge to urinate had significantly reduced, granting me the peaceful nights I craved. Not only that, but my energy levels soared, allowing me to embrace life with renewed vigor.”

Week 4: “Four weeks into DOCTIA, my prostatitis symptoms vanished. I felt reborn. Most thrilling was the renewed passion with my partner. DOCTIA rekindled our love life. I regained control over my prostate health and embraced vitality.”


  1. Have a clean bowel movement and clean the area at the end of the rectum near the bladder
  2. Place a prostate herbal capsule in the rectum next to the prostate
  3. Wait 10 minutes
  4. Let the prostate absorb the essence of herbal capsules
  5. Use as directed and follow a regular application routine for optimal results.


  • Type: Capsules
  • Target User: Men
  • Net Content: Pack of 7 capsules
  • Origin: New Jersey, USA

Product Includes

  • Prostate Herbal Capsules

We Take Pride In Our Products.

Your Safety Is Our Priority.


  • What is DOCTIA™ prostate health capsule?

DOCTIA™ prostate health capsule is a natural herbal formulation designed to support prostate health and address common concerns such as BPH (enlarged prostate).


  • How should I use DOCTIA™ prostate health capsule?

DOCTIA™ prostate health suppositories are designed for rectal use.


  • Are there any age restrictions for using DOCTIA™?

DOCTIA™ is formulated for adult men. It is generally recommended for individuals aged 18 years and above.


  • Is DOCTIA™ prostate health capsulesafe to use?

Yes, DOCTIA™ capsule is made from natural ingredients and is safe for regular use as directed.


  • How long does it take to see results with DOCTIA™ capsule?

Results may vary, but many users start experiencing improvements within a few weeks of consistent use.


  • Is DOCTIA™ capsulesuitable for individuals with hypertension?

DOCTIA™ capsule does not contain ingredients known to directly impact blood pressure.

🌸 Recommended Purchase Cycle Plans 🌸

Dear customer, DOCTIA™ Prostate Treatment Patch is a revolutionary and unparalleled product designed for optimal prostate health. To allow you to experience these astounding effects, we present the following recommended purchase cycles:
🔵1 Box Package (One Course)

Initial alleviation of minor prostate discomforts. A potential reduction in frequent nighttime urination. Slight improvements in overall well-being. An excellent starter pack for newcomers. Allows you to get a feel for the product and start experiencing initial benefits.
🔵2 Box Package (Two Courses)

Marked relief from common prostate symptoms. Enhanced urinary flow, more consistent sleep due to reduced nighttime urination, and a noticeable improvement in overall prostate health.
Highly recommended for those seeking a holistic one-cycle treatment. Offers comprehensive benefits and ensures continuous treatment for better results.
🔵4 Box Package (Four Courses)

Continued and enhanced relief from prostate issues, improved bladder function, and potential strengthening of the prostate's health.
Merchant's Recommendation: Best for users who are aiming for prolonged benefits and want to ensure consistent treatment. This pack offers a seamless treatment experience with optimal results.
🔵6 Box Package (3 Full Cycles)

Maximum relief from all major prostate symptoms. Enhanced and consistent sleep patterns, significant improvement in daily activities without urinary disturbances, and overall enhanced prostate health. Ideal for individuals who are looking for long-term benefits and are committed to maintaining their prostate health. Great value for extended treatment.
🔵8 Box Package (Six Courses)

Prolonged and sustained optimal prostate health, significant reduction or elimination of all related symptoms, and potential prevention of future prostate health issues. The ultimate package for those who wish to invest in their long-term health. Offers the best value and ensures a thorough, extended treatment for maximum benefits.
🌺 The Importance of Choosing Multiple Cycles:
The benefits of DOCTIA™ Prostate Treatment Patch are progressive; utilizing it across multiple cycles will elevate your prostate health to unmatched wellness levels. With each cycle, you'll feel an enhancement in vitality and comfort, something a single cycle can't fully achieve. Continuous application ensures that your prostate remains in its best state, reducing discomfort and urinary disturbances. For sustained results and to maintain optimal prostate health over the long term, we advocate for purchasing multiple boxes.

In conclusion, in the pursuit of optimal, lasting, and undeniable prostate wellness, we highly recommend considering the double or triple cycle plans!Thank you for choosing DOCTIA™ Prostate Treatment Patch. We are committed to ensuring you experience the pinnacle of prostate health and vitality! 🌷

For every purchase of our product, we donate a portion of our profits to support the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This organization is dedicated to finding cures for childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases and providing world-class care to children who are battling these illnesses. By choosing our products, you are helping to provide hope and healing to children and families who are facing unimaginable challenges. Join us in supporting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and helping to make a real difference in the lives of these children.

    St.Jude Children'sResearch Hospital

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